The Corporate world has decided that the only messages we should read come directly from their public relations or marketing department. News organizations all have their own political, economic, and share-holder bias which skews what they are willing to report. CommentTalk is cool because we have developed a hybrid system that totally bypasses the Gatekeepers and lets you say what what they won’t. Your friends, family, and anyone with the CommentTalk technology can see what you’ve posted, respond, or add their own commentary into the mix. We’re returning the internet to the people one URL at a time…


The CommentTalk team looked at the best way we could reclaim the internet for everybody. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go to any web page, whether they allow comments or not, and then be able to comment about that page?

Wouldn’t it even be better if your friends could do the same?

Suddenly anyone using CommentTalk can go to any URL read the comments others have posted there, add their own thoughts, or respond to others, and it sticks. What’s even better than that?

The number of comments and votes creates trends in your favorite categories on the CommentTalk website and you get to see natural organic trending news, sports, politics, travel, or whatever motivates you!

The wizards behind the curtain trying to drive you into what you can and cannot see will be removed from the equation.


Does not matter if you use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or a fancy computer watch with a web browser. You can view CommentTalk™ conversations, top-trending URLS, and much more.

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