There is a need for new voices!

We believe now more than ever that having 6 corporations controlling 99% of the US news is not in the public interest. The messaging is all the same and the “news” stories that are covered are done in lock-step with the exact same narrative. Critical thinking has been erased and there is no more critical thinking/investigative journalism. That has fallen to citizen journalists who have become the new voice of the public and find themselves being censored heavily on “popular” platforms.

CommentTalk™ is different.

CommentTalk allows you to add your own links, videos, pictures, and text to support, refute, or add your own editorial commentary on any news, sports, politics, non-profit website, blog article, etc… Whether you believe in Round Earth, Flat Earth, 5G is great, 5G is bad, the Easter Bunny is real, or whatever. Frankly, that is your business. We are not here to judge you on your content.


CommentTalk™ is a digital town square.


CommentTalk™ is a digital town square and ALL are invited to express their viewpoints. You will get a warning or a ban if you break our terms of use basically (bullying, threatening, inciting acts of violence or terror, doxxing people, or posting porn will get you kicked). Swearing, posting dank memes, and sarcasm are okay!