Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Are you looking for investors in CommentTalk?

Currently we launched CommentTalk as a small project to see if it gains traction. Ideally, we’d love to keep it in-house and raise money through crowd-funding so CommentTalk does not turn into some sanitary corporate juggernaut that is concerned with shaping peoples ideas. CommentTalk is a town square, a true platform, and our goal is to always hold that vision. However, like anything, if CommentTalk becomes bigger than us we’ll eventually move it into its own corporate entity and look for investors who share the same original vision of the initial project to take it to its next level.

I'd love to intern for CommentTalk, is that possible?

Yes! We are looking for online moderators who can follow our terms of use and review content which has been flagged for abuse, spam, etc… We’re also looking for an intern to do regular social media.

Are you in need of Pro-Bono Experts or Advisors?

Yes! While we already have legal council on retainer, we are currently in need of additional legal counsel who specializes in Free Speech issues in US Law, and a Public Relations person. If you are one of these with some experience, are passionate about restoring free speech to the internet, and want to spruce up your LinkedIn profile by donating some of your time, please reach out to us.

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